OmniFocus 2 disappeared on my apple watch!

I always use beta iOS or MacOS. These days I suddenly found that OmniFocus 2 on my apple watch(1st generation) missed.
I usually place OmniFocus on the face of my apple watch before.

I use iPhone 6S to pair with my apple watch. Here are some details.

iPhone 6S: 10.3 (14E5230e)
Apple Watch: 3.0 (14S326)
OmniFocus: 2.18 (with Pro Upgrade)

I open the ‘Watch’ App on my iPhone, there is no ‘OmniFocus 2’ in the application list. I use the universe OmniFocus 2, not OmniFocus for iPhone. I have tried to reinstall OmniFocus 2 on my iPhone, ti was useless.
I hope someone can help me to find OmniFocus back on my apple watch. Thanks!

We have word from other users that updating your WatchOS to 3.1.3 will resolve this problem.

To update your Watch, go to Watch app on the iPhone. Under General, tap Software Update.

I can confirm that upgrading does bring back OF on the watch.

Great news! Thank you.

Excuse me. Upgrade what? IOS or omnifocus?
However, thank you for the good news.🙂

I’ll do it. But I’m a Chinese user, I don’t know whether it’s useful to use feedback app in iOS beta…

Update the Watch inside The iPhone Watch app. No need to let Apple know since they have fixed this in the Watch update. I’ll edit my other post to make that part clear.

Yesterday, I updated my watch to 3.1.3. It works fine now. Thanks!