OmniFocus 2 for iPad - syncing issue

When syncing, only the database (OmniFocus.ofocus) is updated on the server. Shouldn’t it also be updating OmniFocus-Reminders.ics as well in the same process? That’s how it works on OmniFocus 2 for iPhone and OmniFocus 2 for Mac. I’m limited to having to sync only from the iPhone or Mac if I also want the .ics file to update. I did sync from the “calendar alarms” section in settings on the iPad version per the manual, but that was the only time it updated the .ics file correctly. Anyone else having this issue or know what I need to do to fix it?


I believe I have experienced a similar problem.
Having set the reminders up as instructed, the reminders show up in the subscribed calendar.
Now if I edit the title of the task in OF2 iPad, I expect that change to be reflected through to the calendar entry. But it does not.