OmniFocus 2 (for iPhone) – Notification Centre widget?

Is it coming?


Say yes, Omni ninjas. Please?


Having the day’s task available as a widget would be incredible. The functionality has already been demoed with Reminders.

I’m quite shocked at how ‘open’ Apple is becoming – allowing third-party widgets, third-party integration in share, and the biggest shocker – third-party keyboards…

It’s fantastic, and another glaring flaw (that Android users used to poke fun at iOS for) addressed.

Alternatively, a ‘forecast’ widget for OmniFocus (2 for iPhone) would be nice as well.


yea, please have a widget…pretty please?

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This would be amazing for both iOS and Mac OS X. On iOS, not only could a widget be done, but (assuming I understand it correctly) you would also be able to create an extension that would get rid of the safari bookmark workaround and make something native from within all iOS apps (or most).

Sure this is probably a lot of work, but it would be wonderful to have!

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We’re as excited as you guys are, but most topics related to Yosemite are under NDA. We can’t really comment. Sorry.

@Brian thanks, but… NDA? We are not asking about details on Apple features or how you will implement things… Just asking you to add these features to OF when those OS will become available. Is there a NDA for that? :D

If so, poor of the guys behind some apps, and their comments: Alfred, 1Password, SwiftKey. And all they’ve done: told their users “we are on it, folks”.

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As a developer, you are under an NDA regarding the OS not your own products @Brian . You may not be able to SHOW us the product, but you can comment regarding your own stuff.

Taking this a bit further, while you guys are diving on WWDC… what about “Continuity”?

Sorry about that! Brian isn’t here at WWDC, so he hadn’t seen this year’s relaxed NDA and was operating based on the limitations imposed on us in prior years.

There are all kinds of great technologies we’re learning about at WWDC this week, including Notification Center widgets (obviously), Continuity, Custom Actions (“Send to OmniFocus”, anyone?), and more. Can’t wait to get back to home to Seattle to talk with the team and figure out how soon we can adopt these new features in our apps!


Teaser: @kcase shows on twitter how it will look like:

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Absolutely incredible, thanks for posting it!

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