Omnifocus 2 IOS & email integration

I recently moved from Evernote as my task management to OmniFocus.

I used Cloud Magic to add emails directly into Evernote.

I would like to do the same for OMNIFOCUS, add tasks directly into projects, or add projects directly in, without adding it all into my intray everytime making my daily inbox emptying a larger task than it needs to be.

The email forwarding is awesome but this would make it even more awesome. I reviewed the Dispatch app which seems to be the only app that does this so far and that app is £5 and seems like the developers have moved on from this app now to be honest, so do not wish to pay £5 on principle of that the customer service seems non existent.

Cloud Magic integration would be awesome since it’s one of the most popular IOS email apps by far.

Any ideas on this would be appreciated.



airmail can send emails to OF with a link back. awesome. and all that with a swipe …

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Found that app last night before I read this, your comment is awesome confirmation, thanks

I second Airmail, not only can it add to OF but it can do many other things as well as is definitely my favourite email app.

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