Omnifocus 2 ipad calendar integration

hi, just upgraded to version 2 pro but cannot seem to find any way of subscribing to any of my calendars.
The manual says to go look for the omnifocus app in settings then select privacy. I only see options for notifications and location services.

Any suggestions?

Downloading it now so i can’t see it quite yet. My area has crappy and slow connections so it’ll be a while before I get to play with the shiny new toy.

I’m looking at my OF2 for iPhone app and guessing it should be the same method.

Go to Forecast view.

Drag the screen down just a little to reveal the secret bar.

Tap on the View icon.

Tap on Calendars >

Then you should be able to select the calendars you want to see.

Privacy settings are configured in the Settings app (not in OmniFocus). You can give OmniFocus access to the calendar by:

  1. Launching the Settings app
  2. Tapping on Privacy
  3. Tapping on Calendars
  4. Turning OmniFocus ON

I hope this helps…


Hi Tim

I dont see Omnifocus in the Privacy settings, in fact there are 3 other apps in there, all of which are faded/grayed out.

Just to add, im on an ipad2.
Do you think there are restrictions with the older ipads?


Have fixed the problem by deleting and re-installing the app.

Seems to have worked, not sure why though :-)


It’s running a bit sluggish on my iPad 2. Switching between perspectives takes a bit longer on my old iPad 2. But it runs smooth as silk on my iPad Air. Oh well, it’s time to hand the iPad 2 to my 4 year old daughter now. :-)

A bit sluggish here too (iPad 3)

Little bit sluggish here too, jumping between views but bearable & no big deal at the moment.

Now that ive got calendar integration working its a shame that forecast view dosent show more than one day like it does on the desktop version. Its really handy to see a few days ahead.

On the same topic : I have a calendar problem.

I just bought all three versions (Mac, iPad, iPhone). Very satisfied ! Except for the calendar issue : the iPad is the only one which does not correctly display the calendars. The Mac and the iPhone display perfectly.

The privacy setting is correct.

I can actually confirm that OF2 does access the calendar. But it does so incompletely: it only displays ONE calendar, instead the several which I have defined. The Mac and the iPhone correctly display all the calendars.

AFAIK, this has not been reported in the OF forums. Am I the only one experiencing this ? or am I the only one with lots of calendars ;-)

I did not (yet) report this for the development database, let’s see first if it is a known issue.