Omnifocus 2 Pro License for Sale

I have to switch to PC for work use and will need to rely on the iOS version instead of the Mac version. Please let me know if you’re interested. I’ll sell for $60.

(Omni Support said I could do this)

How about $50?

anyone’s interested? I’m also having a pro version for sale. As I’ve used Things for most of the time, it’ll be a huge waste to have this idle license.
btw it is an Educational License for which I paid $50 in total. I’m now asking for $30.

PM sent.

Just one thing to add here - letting customers sell licenses to each other is something we give a giant thumbs-up to. There is one wrinkle in this specific case: the license was originally sold via our Educational discount.

Given that, anyone who re-purchases it will need to send proof that they are a student/faculty/staff member at an accredited educational institution in order to fully transfer the license. Assuming that’s the case, just contact and we’ll be happy to take care of everything. Hope this helps!

Thanks @Brian, and thanks Omni for your generous reselling policy. Sadly I’m not eligible for an Educational discount at the moment, so I’ll have to let this one go. Hopefully there’s another buyer soon!

Thanks to @Brian and to @funkydan2
Anyone who’s interested and qualified for educational license please contact me.

@jinzhouy I am interested. I just can’t figure out how to sent PM…


@cjanisch I am interested in purchasing a license. No idea how to send a PM. My email is Thanks!

@jinzhouy too :)