OmniFocus 2 Pro without IAP?

Will a separate app (like the two apps for OmniOutliner 4 (Standard and Pro)) be released in the Mac App Store for OmniFocus 2 Pro?

I’m not a fan of IAPs. Just want to buy something once and be reassured that it’s the professional version.

Curious ask to whether this will happen, or if not, what the rationale is (as opposed to being similar to OO4 having two apps).

There is no plan to release a separate OmniFocus Pro app.
When OmniOutliner was released on the Mac App Store, in-app purchase was not available yet (as I recall). So we had to release separate apps, and people had to choose up front which edition they wanted. That was rather confusing. We think it’s much clearer to offer a single app, as we’ve done with OmniGraffle and now OmniFocus.

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Right ok. Thanks for the clarification.

I personally prefer having the app without IAP but I suppose it’s easier to coordinate. :/