Omnifocus 2 slow projects/directory browsing?

I have Omnifocus 2 Pro on my iPad 3 on iOS 8.1

When selecting the Projects perspective and browsing through directories, I encounter a 1-2 second lag every time I select a different directory. Selecting projects and other perspectives is fast however.

On my iPhone 5s on iOS 7.1, everything is fast.

So I am wondering if this 1-2 second lag on my iPad is in the Omnifocus app itself or caused by the difference in hardware and OS?

I get the same…it judders while scrolling through project view.

I have the same situation with the same hardware (iPad 3 and iPhone 5s). The only slight difference is I am running iOS 8 on my iPhone 5s. Navigation on the iPhone is great, but trying to do the same on my iPad is painfully slow.

I noticed this after upgrading but then remembered I hadn’t archived my task database in… well almost forever. I ran the archive tool on my Mac and my iPad performance returned to normal. I don’t remember my iPhone having the same speed issue, even though that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Well I’m using Omnifocus for about a month now so I think that won’t be the problem for me.

I have OF2 an iPad Retina with 8.1 and I get about a 1 second delay while working through the folders and projects. Surprisingly OF2 on my iPhone 4S is still pretty fast.

Is your iPhone 4S on iOS 8.1 also?
I am now thinking it may be a problem in the iPad version of OF2.

iPad 3 64GB, iOS 8.1.2 - same behavior: slow browsing

@lexvo At the time of my post I had 8.1 on both devices. I now have 8.1.2. Sorry for the late reply.

No problem, thanks for your reply.

I think it is a problem with OF2 on the iPad and not an iOS or hardware problem.

As i mentioned above:

But on iPad Air 2 it works much faster.
So, it is a problem of performance.

FYI there are known serious performance issues with ios 8 on older iPad. When I upgraded my iPad 2 I had to disable transparency and background sync in order to get performance back to an acceptable level.

Note I do not have the iPad version of OF yet so not sure if this will alleviate OF specific issues but it might help.

Well, even with disabled transparency & reduced motion OF2 works slower on iPad 3.
I decided to exchange iPad 3 to iPad Air 2 anyway…

I’m having a 5 to 6 second delay on my iPad Air 2, and I had the same issue with an iPad 3, but on my iPhone 6+ it’s very fast, fast with iOS 8 and with iOS 9.
This problem is specific with iPads and omni focus 2…

On my iPad 3 with iOS 8.1.4 browsing projects is still slow. On my iPhone 5s with iOS 8.1.4 it is much faster.