OmniFocus 2 Sync with Calendar


I configured OmniFocus 2 to sync with the calendar on my Mac. I noticed that the default behavior is to show only the next 2 weeks’ worth of due dates. Is there a way to configure this to go further out?


How did you configure OF2 to sync with iCal?

Hi Kamil,

I went into OmniFocus Preferences and under the Notifications tab, I set the “Publish due items as calendar alarms” setting to “On date of event” and clicked the Subscribe button. This opened up the Calendar app with a Calendar URL already populated; I clicked the Subscribe button, and it added a calendar OmniFocus Reminders to the app.


ohhh that option. Yeah, it’s useless.

Do you know if there are alternative ways of setting up calendar sync that work better?

There is none. I spent way to many hours on researching the topic. We’re not the only ones here. I don’t think it is a priority for the Omni team.

I tried different options, like copying things some faster way to Reminders, and then Reminders will appear in BusyCal. But it is so time consuming, that it’s quicker to just grab a piece of paper and go old-school.

As much as I love Omni, all their software makes my hair grey earlier than it should be happening. To much stress because of all this. I feel my life was simpler when I was using GTD before OF. I can’t switch now, but there is no integration with any type of software. And on the top of that features lacking from OF1.

I just bought the iPhone and iPad version of OF. I set up the calendar option on the iPad and its working fine. But, I can’t see any option in the iPhone app to also set up a calendar. Is this not an option for iPhones?

Probably your calendar is disabled. Just turn it on.

I don’t see any usability of that feature anyway

Hi @kamil, I got it to work, and you’re right…it wasn’t so helpful… :)