Omnifocus 2 Syncing

Did local only sync go away in Omnifocus 2?

Correct. OmniFocus 2 only supports syncing with an external WebDAV server or via Omni Sync Server.

Thanks for the response.

1Password went the same route they lost SOOOOO many users they had to do an about face. They came up with all sorts of fancy reasons why they couldn’t keep it the way it was and in the end… they decided customers came first and local sync returned. In the meantime DayLite from MarketCircle is my new app.

It appears that Kyle is correct, despite the fact that the OmniFocus 2 for iPhone manual available via the web or iBooks clearly shows that it is possible to sync with a Mac via Wifi.

Unfortunately, I didn’t learn that the manual was incorrect until AFTER I had purchased OmniFocus 2 for iPhone.

I’ve been a happy OmniFocus user since 2009, but the inability to perform local sync is deeply disappointing. Not everyone wants to store all of their data on someone else’s system.

It is still possible to sync with OmniFocus 1 for Mac via Wi-Fi. I agree that the manual does not make that clear. I’ll notify our documentation team.