Omnifocus 2 Update: Disable Localizations?

Hi there,

just saw that an omnifocus 2 update is available. It says it now has Localizations in german etc. Before I install the update, can I turn that off? I don’t like to have Omnifocus in german since I’m very used to the english by now…



OmniFocus will use the same language as the rest of your system. You can change the system language in System Preferences.

Here’s the solution if anyone else should ever need this:

open a terminal box and type:

defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2 AppleLanguages ‘(“en-US”)’

Then it’s back to english.

It’s actually even easier than that, just open this URL to switch the language to English:


And to switch back to using your system’s default language, use that:


After using either of these links, you’ll need to quit and reopen OmniFocus so that it knows to start using the new language setting.

That’s great! Thanks!