OmniFocus 3.8 Test builds with Omni Automation support now available!

Hi folks! Test builds of OmniFocus 3.8 for Mac & iOS are now available. These releases include full support for automation in OmniFocus via JavaScript Plug-Ins (previously, Omni Automation was only available in OmniFocus via a hidden preference). Links to download Mac builds & join the iOS TestFlight are available here:

Thanks for helping us test these updates!


Are there any “test” automations? Or is this really a “Devs can play now” thing?

@steve28 We haven’t developed any specific plug-ins for this test - at this point, it’s helpful for our team to learn about issues testers run into while creating automation for “real life” workflows. That said, if you’re looking for example plug-ins to try, I’d suggest checking out the omni-automation website or the #automation channel on our Slack!

I’m very excited for this. There is an AppleScript that I use heavily on my Mac that if I can convert to JavaScript, I assume I’ll be able to finally use on both Mac and iOS. I’m just not sure I know how to convert it! That should be a fun stay-at-home project to work on.

Can you set up scripts to run automatically when certain actions are taken such as completing a task, adding a tag, etc.? I can’t seem to find documentation of support for hooking up scripts to events.

No, automatic triggers aren’t available. I suspect they’ll get added at some point.