Omnifocus 3 complication with Apple Watch Series 0 issue [fixed in v3.1.4]

Hi Folks,
I’d appreciate any guidance or information regarding the current functionality of the OmniFocus Watch complication with a Series 0 Apple Watch and OmniFocus 3 on iOS.
Until the most recent ‘point’ update to OmniFocus 3, I was using the complication with no issues. Following the latest iOS update, the complication no longer opens.
Any ideas or insight would be appreciated,

Sorry about this! After a number of reports from users we were able to establish that a bug in the watchOS SDK preventing the app from working on watchOS 4. We should have a bug fix release available very soon.

The backstory is that there’s a bug in the watchOS SDK that shipped with Xcode 10, which Apple has fixed in the Xcode 10.1 beta, but we can’t submit a release with that version of Xcode yet so we’ve had to make some changes on our side.

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I’m glad to hear there’s a fix in the works. The watch app is totally broken for me. Planning to upgrade to watchOS 5 but haven’t done so yet.

Thanks for the quick reply to my query. I’ve installed the new TestFlight build and I can confirm the Watch complication is working perfectly. I appreciate your feedback and help in solving this problem,

OmniFocus 3.1.4 for iOS has been released!

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