Omnifocus 3 for Mac, Calendar sync


I used to love the integration of OF with Apple Calendar, whether on my desktop or iOS. Tasks due that day would show up in the calendar. The mechanism involved pushing my tasks to a subscription calendar that I could pull down into Calendar or Fantastical 2.

It appears that this function was sacrificed in the upgrade to OF3. Or am I wrong about that? Any chance that it can come back?



It’s been gone for a while. A few people have asked for it to come back - if you email the support team with the request, your vote can be added.


+1 vote - please restore OmniFocus reminder integration with Callendar.


I would love to have it back!


I used thhat function in the past. But because I use time blocking now (having links from calendar to to OF projects) this function become unnecessary for me. Maybe you also want to think about that.


+1 restore OmniFocus Calendar integration, and once you’re at it, implement integration with Outlook calendar as well: allow actions from OmniFocus to be dragged to Outlook Calendar as appointments.


I can understand the self-centred urge for Omnifocus developers to make OF the centre of the universe by cutting of the bidirectional link to calendars on MacOS, but then they need to step up and provide all the functionalities provided by calendar integration with other applications. If not, this reduction of OF functionality is silly and customer unfriendly. Please bring it back.


+1 restore OmniFocus Calendar integration!


Recently I can observe my calendar on the Apple Watch and see all events including OF and the calendar own events.
Now it’s impossible :( – native OF Apple Watch app is not suitable to observe my daily routine.


+1 add this feature back


After transferring to a new MacBook and then upgrading from OF2 to OF3 I now have two versions of OF on my MacBook. OF3 & OF2. I am regularly using OF3. As a former OF2 calendar sync user I am getting ghosts in my Calendars OF Reminders calendar. Creating an action in OF3 with a due date creates a reminder in the OF Reminders calendar. Change the due date of the action in OF3 and the OF Reminders calendar now has a ghost reminder. Temporary work around seems to be to close OF 3 and open OF 2. After allowing a few minutes for synching the ghost entries in the OF Reminders calendar are cleared.


Why would you keep v2 on the machine?


+1 for bringing the feature back. I’m a new user and missing this already


It was unintentional. I moved a user account from the old MacBook to the new MacBook. Downloaded and installed OF3. When down both versions were still on the new MacBook.


another +1 for bringing this back!


New Omnifocus user as of version 3, and I find it hard to believe that this used to be possible but was dropped.

+1 to bring it back.

(As they suggest, I also emailed about it.)


Please restore calendar integration.
Without it Omni Focus is not helpful to me.


I created an omnigroup account just to vote this feature up.


Thanks, I finally implemented this and it is very useful :)


Please bring it back! This will affect my decision to buy or not.