OmniFocus 3 for OS X - Beta Testing

Does anyone know when they expect to start public testing of OF3 for Mac?

The latest update from The Omni Group Blog is:

It’s not in beta-testing yet, but our team’s hard at work and it will be in testing this summer, and you can sign up to help test. We appreciate it!

Adding to @nostodnayr - since they’re targeting release in September, I guess (note: guess only!) July some time

September! This could be a good autumn after all :)

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Or Spring… 🇿🇦


Does anyone know how to install the beta? It requires a license key, but won’t accept my Omnifocus 2 key.

I just downloaded the version from the secure site then installed it next to OF2. Have not been prompted for a license (yet).

Ah, maybe I have to install OF2 first. I don’t have it installed currently, I’ve been using Things.