Omnifocus 3: Hotkey for "add tag" to item

I feel like I should have been able to find it but I cannot. I know space bar marks item as complete, command+’ edits the note, but I want to add a tag to items quickly. Note: this isnt for the Forecast tag, which I see has its own hotkey I see. This is for additional/non forecast tags.


I am also struggling to add tags to tasks. In Things it is possible to assign a hot key to a tag, which is really useful. I have a new tag group that I want to use, and I’d like to have assigned hot keys to these tags so that I can add them to existing tasks without replacing the existing tags. As an alternative to using a hot key, I tried creating a custom perspective that filters for tasks that don’t have a tag from the new tag group, thinking I could then assign the tags by dragging the task to the sidebar. However, unused tags aren’t included in the sidebar tag list. I then looked for an option to show unused tags in the sidebar, but couldn’t find any way of doing this. So I’m stumped! What is the best way to quickly add tags from a new group to existing tasks without affecting the existing tags?