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So I’m trying to recreate some of my Omnifocus 2 perspectives into the new version but I have hit a snag. Omnifocus 2 had separate conditions for Due and Due Soon. In Omnifocus 3 all I can see is a configureable Due Soon. Now, I can set Due Soon to only be today but that causes issues because I want a perspective that ONLY shows Due today and another that shows things coming up soon. Am I missing something about how to do this in OF3?


I suggest make “Due Soon” to mean Today.
Then create 2 custom perspectives:

  1. Due Today with rules: Remaining + Due soon
  2. Upcoming with rules: Remaining + has a due date BUT none of the following: due soon

This way, anything due today will show up in today. But if it’s due anytime other than today will show up in Upcoming. See pictures below. Hope this helps

Thanks for the response! That’s all I could come up with as well. The only negative is you lose the ability to have due soon work as intended and just show a small subset of all upcoming tasks as defined by your Due Soon setting.

I have no idea why they removed Due Today as an option in perspectives.

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OmniFocus had four different status filtering rules that involved due dates:

  • Due Soon
  • Due or Flagged
  • Due and Flagged
  • Due and Unflagged

In all of these cases, “Due” actually meant “Due Soon,” but we sometimes left the word “Soon” out of the description for space reasons. But the underlying logic for calculating whether something was Due (Soon) was the same, and that underlying logic remains the same in OmniFocus 3.

In OmniFocus 2, the only ways to see a list of things due today (and not later) were to:

  • Select today’s date in Forecast.
  • Change the definition of “Due Soon” to mean “Due Today”, then change your perspective or view settings to show you things which are due soon.

Both of those techniques still work in OmniFocus 3.0.

We hope to add more perspective rules in the future to cover different cases: it would be great if one perspective looked at “due within the next month” while another looked at “due today”, and the new perspective system gives us room for that sort of flexibility without introducing overwhelming complexity. But right now our priority is to ship 3.0 for Mac.


Thanks for the reply! I didn’t realize that in OF2 Due was the same as Due Soon. Pretty confusing but makes sense now.

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That is a revelation to me as well! I suppose I should have known that but I didn’t!

Would LOVE due within X days. This is a perspective (filter) I’ve used in other apps and found really useful.

I find myself making my way back to OF after experimenting with other apps. You guys are first class iOS citizens. The upcoming web app will finally allow me to check in on things at work.

I work in a control room of a nuclear power plant. We aren’t allowed to have out personnel devices out when in the control room.

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