OmniFocus 3 layout and fonts

Hi guys,

thanks for OF3. I will switch from OF2 in two weeks. But now i am in 14 days trial and looking about.
Two questions:

I like OF 2 layout and design.

  1. Is there some way how to import icons (perspectives) from OF2 to OF3?
  2. Can i somehow change fonts in OF3? I like these from OF2 again :) OF3 has some bold and strange fonts

Thanks a lot :)

Do you sync your database? Do you use the same account with OF2 and 3? If you do, all icons should show up on both without any hassle.

In OF3, you can also add icons from within the iOS app.

As for the fonts, no, but you can always write in with a feature request.

Agreeing with you the font choices are a bit odd. The heading font in the main sections (Projects, for example) seems way oversized compared to that of the project names. The other thing that bugs me a little is the flag icon now has jagged lines, while in OF2 it it’s more rounded. I feel like I’ll probably get used to it eventually.

I’m glad not to be the only one that doesn’t like the font and the oversized header titles. When screen estate is at a premium why would you even do that??

The overall weight and balance of fonts & alignment aesthetics seems to have taken a slight step backwards. OF2 was a clean interface, it seems OF3 all the toys are out on the floor.

listening to a podcast the other day I heard that the secret menu bar which hid all the clutter was purposefully removed. Seems to have now needlesly cluttered the interface with icons that are rarely used.


Seems to be a continuation of the war against “Data Density”. Its a shame. My fingers are well capable to hitting smaller targets.

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I have already written a strong-worded “feature” request to support and I am really hoping for a short-term solution similar to what they introduced with the hidden preference ContentLayout=compact when the same issue came up during the transition from OF 1 to OF 2 on macOS.

Fingers crossed they offer some kind of solution here as well!

Gosh. Here we are almost six months later and … no word.

The inability to set data density is frustrating for OF3 in the iPhone is frustrating.


Not sure why we all have to re-ask for this with every new release. We said we wanted it in 1.0 and it was added. The features were absent in 2.0 and it caused a stir and was added. Now here we are again. Crazy.


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