OmniFocus 3 not syncing [resolved by updating devices to the latest releases of OmniFocus 2]

I have OmniFocus 3 on iPhone and iPad, which I’m trying to sync with OmniFocus 2 on iPhone and iPad and macOS via the Omni Sync Server. I know my Omni Sync Server password and my OmniFocus sync passphrase and they’re currently the same.

When I try to sync OmniFocus 3 with the Omni Sync Server OF3 just keeps requesting my password (or passphrase? I don’t know). I can log in to the Omni Sync Server web site using my password.

I changed my Omni Sync Server password through the web site, thinking that perhaps the old one was too old and Omni was trying to nudge me into updating, but no dice. OF3 just sits there asking for my password. OmniFocus 2 on iPhone is syncing fine with the new password. OmniFocus 2 on iPad complains that it can’t sync and that I should upgrade to the latest version to continue syncing.

edit: currently updating to latest version of OF2. What a duffer.

Sorry for the trouble here! Have you tried uninstalling & reinstalling OmniFocus 3 from the device where it’s having trouble?

If that doesn’t repair things, please send in an email so our support team can give in-depth help.

Updating here since Omni Staff have replied: the version of OF2 on my iPad was ancient (long story). So I followed the instructions linked above to upgrade to the latest version of OF2 (as opposed to my initial interpretation of being a request to upgrade to OF3). At this point OmniFocus decided that all the “recently synced” devices were using a new enough version of OF2 that it upgraded the database to a version that OF3 can use.

So now I’m using OF3 trial until I can find the money for the Pro upgrade.

The long story: I have limited data and limited bandwidth, Apple moved away from iTunes sync for iOS apps, starting an app upgrade on WiFi and then moving to 3G is not feasible, and as a result of all this and more, at some point upgrading OF2 on the iPhone happened but upgrading OF2 on iPad didn’t.