Omnifocus 3 Project Review status not syncing

I am having a problem where the project Review status on does not sync across my MacOS devices. My projects, tasks, due dates, comments are all sync’ing fine. Just not Project Review data. I am using OF3 and OmniSync server.

e.g. I will view a Project on my iMac and click “Mark Reviewed”, then when I view that same project on my Macbook it still shows it has not been reviewed.

This is making it impossible for me to work between my devices (my home iMac, work iMac, and portable Macbook)

Is this a known limitation? Do you have to only and always conduct Reviews on the same MacOS device?

Or is there something I can do to get Review data syncing correctly?

Thanks in advance

Found a workaround with OmniGroups support. It appears that “Next Review Date” does not sync until the “Mark Reviewed” button is pressed on the project. If you first “Mark Reviewed” and THEN change the “Next Review Date”, that change will sync correctly. Feels like a bug that Project.NextReviewDate only sync’s once the Reviewed button has been clicked, but this knowledge presents a viable workaround for me. Thank to tech support for helping me troubleshoot and figure this out!

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