Omnifocus 3 unavailable for older devices

Just upgraded to OF3 from 2, and love it.

One thing I wasn’t aware of is the one-way road you go down when you upgrade it however - OF3 isn’t available for iOS10 or below. This wouldn’t be a huge deal for me if you could continue to sync with the OF3 data - but you can’t. Once you upgrade the database, you’re in OF3 land as far as iOS is concerned. OF2 on these devices now cannot access my upgraded synced data.

Thanks to having kids, I have a number of older iPads that I use in various locations, and I now cannot use Omnifocus at all on these devices.

Is there a future upgrade that will allow OF2 on these devices to use my OF3 data, or OF3 for older iOS devices, or will the planned web interface for OF work for this?

Hi @JasonMitchell! At this point, the only iOS releases that sync with OmniFocus 3 are OmniFocus 2.22.3 or newer. Unfortunately, as you’ve found, these versions require iOS 11. We don’t have plans to make any more updates to OmniFocus that support iOS 10. I’m sorry for the inconvenience!

No worries, I’ve actually been surprised at how much backdated support you guys have been giving to date!

Might want to add it to the release notes or something for OF3 though.

Do you think the web interface when it’s released will be a viable workaround for this?

Certainly iOS 10 devices with Internet access will be able to access the Web version, when it becomes available. Whether or not that’s a viable workaround depends on what you were using those devices for; the feature set for the Web version is still in flux. If there’s something specific you’re looking for, let support know!

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