OmniFocus 3 . .

Does anyone know if we’ll get an updated version of OmniFocus for Mac with any signficant new features in 2015?

Well OF 2.2 is in testing now.

But OF 3? I’d really doubt it. OF 1 was out for 7 years before OF 2 shipped last year. So I sorta thing OF 2 will be around for longer than 12-18 months before OF 3 shows up. There are many things that could still be done to OF 2, including improvements in sync service would break backwards compatibility with OF 1, that I’m hoping to see at some point.

Admittedly, “OmniFocus 3” was more of an attention getter. It sounds more provocative than “OmniFocus 2.2”.

What I mean by significant new features, something like allowing us to filter the Forecast perspective by Project or Context. That sort of thing.

I’m a tester for 2.2. Like 2.1, it’s mostly bug fixes.

One of the feature was said to be pushed sync that works for both Omni Sync Server and private servers. No exact ETA, but I remember it was set as “the plan for the rest of 2015 after rolling out all apps in universal form”.

In a post from 8 January, Ken Case said:

OmniFocus 2 has been very well-received—setting a sales record in 2014—but in no way does that mean we think it’s finished! We’ve been listening to your feedback, and we will continue to update the app to make it sync more responsively, to be easier to scan visually, and to be more efficient to use.

But I guess you have already seen that. The last two goals sound promising to me, though.

I do wonder if that’s in 2.2 or 2.5 though.

Collaborative feature is my request to go back to OmniFocus and buy it for my team.

Team management.
Allowing to someone
Be notified when a task is done.
… Etc.

I will be so happy to remove Redmine and Asana as my actual tools.

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