OmniFocus 4 Crashes At Startup Sync Every Time

After testing OmniFocus 4 on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad for months, I now have an issue I can’t fix. Every timeI start OmniFocus on my Mac I get the message:

Replace your database and start syncing?
Your current database will be backed up on your Mac, and be replaced by the sync database:
To use your current database instead, choose Replace Server Database from the File menu.
(The database on this device has no record of the changes on the server made since its last synchronization.)

If I tap on Sync, it crashes. I sent the crash report. I have deleted and reinstalled the app and this crash keeps happening. Is there any way to fix this? Can I somehow delete the local Mac database and have it start over using the server database?

I remembered that I can hold down the Option key and reset the database and I dd that and OmniFocus 4 is working again.