OmniFocus 4 First Look & Invitation to Help Test

Introducing OmniFocus 4! A first look at the update currently in development for iPad and iPhone is now available on the blog:

Interested in helping our team test OmniFocus 4? Sign up now to join the OmniFocus 4 TestFlight Waitlist:


In the blog it is mentioned that OmniFocus 4 will be a universal cross-platform product. Maybe obvious, but will it run on Intel iMacs?

Yes, the Mac app will continue to be a native Mac app and will run on any Mac hardware which is running macOS 11 or later.


Thank you!

Will there be any new capabilities for Mac, or just bringing iOS up to Mac capability level?

Moreover, will there finally be a confirmation dialogue before (accidentially) deleting tasks, projects folders etc.? I would upgrade my whole mac and my OS only for this feature. Please.

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Any plans to mac the Mac-Only App availabe to OSx Moajve or Catalina users? There are still some people avoiding Big Sur… Thanks.

Would there also be a news Mac-Only App (Omnifocus 4) than? A bit confusef about the end status of the Apps.

They’re focusing on the iOS/iPadOS app first with the Mac Public Beta coming a bit afterwards.

In the above thread, Ken Case did state MacOS 11 as the minimum requirement so Mojave and Catalina is most likely out of the question.

May I respectfully ask that the long-standing bug whereby URLs do not work (resolve to the correct actual address) in the Notes panel be fixed, please?

I know the good people at Omni know about it: have reported it several times… I’m sure it’s on your lists. But it’d be really useful to have any URL that is pasted into that field open correctly, please.

TIA, and good luck!

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I’m interested in the pricing strategy. I’m a one-time purchase Pro user for current version and wondering if OF 4 will be a paid upgrade or subscription only?

Both options will be available with a discount for existing users. This is addressed in the blog post at the top of the thread.


Will this Omnifocus 4 finally have an option for notification / confirmation before deleting tasks and projects?


This is great news. I like the iPad version better than the Mac version but it is missing a few features. It will be really great to have the same experience across all platforms,

What’s the calendar integration going to be like? I would love it if all tasks with deadlines get pushed to a calendar that can be integrated with (for example) Google or the Mac calendar app. I’m still on OF2, and as far as I know, only tasks within the next two weeks are sync’d.

OF has been great for organizing my projects and tasks - but often, I’ll have deadlines that are months and months into the future, and it’s handy to see them in the context of my other calendar stuff (e.g., travel).

The calendar support has always seemed cryptic to me, without a clear “right way” to do things so that a task/bit of information doesn’t get lost.

I have officially given up hope for some sort of sharing of projects and/or tasks between family members. sniffle

I’ve used the Apple Reminders app to share lists. Not everyone in my family needs the power an flexibility of OmniFocus.

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