Omnifocus Access on PC?

I know that this is probably a ridiculous and flameable question, but here goes:

I have OmniFocus on my iPhone and my Macbook Pro (and soon arriving Macbook). However, I use a fairly big desktop PC for most of the day at the moment. I’m wondering (and I have Googled it): is there now a way to access my OF database remotely from my PC, without tunneling/etc to my Mac, and editing/adding/organizing things for projects?

The reason I ask is: When I bought 1Password yonks ago, they didn’t have a PC version yet. However, if you synced to Dropbox, and had that private link (and password), you could open that file via a browser and they had a web interface/UI almost exactly like it was on the Mac. You could add/edit/delete password entries and the like.

I’m wondering if such is possible in any way with OF.

Thanks for any info/feedback.

In short: no.

And I think you remember things about 1Password that are not entirely true as well :) As far as I’m aware the web-interface never allowed any editting, just viewing the data that was already there on dropbox.

Hrrm…that’s entirely possible. I remember it had some sort of interactivity, but perhaps you are right. Maybe just searching or something.

Ah well. I won’t be on a PC desktop after another 2 months - just my two Mac laptops. So I have something to look forward to, I suppose (however, even as a Mac person, I do like Windows 10 quite a bit, I do have to say).