Omnifocus and Siri

Hi, just call for help here, if someone has an advice on this.

I was very excited when Omnifocus supported Siri. I would finally be able to voice tasks into Omnifocus while driving to work, as ideas get through my head.

Then… well, I don’t know if it is me only, but I just can’t make Siri work with Omnifocus in a stable way.

I use the same syntax, the same phrase at different times to instruct Siri to open a task in Omnifocus and it gets me invalid responses most times: Either it looks in apple music, or in internet, or tells me it cannot do that…or goes to the phone contacts… only once in 5 times it actually opens omnifocus and enters a task in the Inbox, let alone more complex instructions.

¿Any better experience around? ¿Do you rely in Siri to voice tasks in Omnifocus while commuting from work? ¿Maybe Siri shortcuts you use to make it a bit better?

thank you

I’ve used Siri instructions for example, “Remind me in OmniFocus to empty the bins at 9pm tomorrow night” with relative success on iPhone but with much less success on apple watch.
So when I dictate on apple watch I simply instruct Reminders App to record the instruction and pass it to OmniFocus via the optional setting in OmniFocus.
So if I find myself with the iPhone in hand I do it the proper way and with apple watch I use the second method, ie, drop the ’in OmniFocus’ command.

Thank you Revstu. It looks it’s not only me.

I am looking for a voice only workflow to put tasks in omnifocus inbox while I am driving or in hands free mode for later processing. Looks like implementation is not good enough so far.

Other options like Drafts or Reminders seem to work better but are still in need of some phone taps as opposed to be triggered by voice commands only, so we’re back at the same point.

Funny though, since I guess there are other seemingly more complex workflows possible. Maybe not so many users share my need.

Thanks again for sharing

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