OmniFocus as Siri Watch Face Data Source

For @SupportHumans - do we know if making OF data available to the Siri face in watchOS 4 is on the map or will be allowed by Apple? Seems right now all the data sources are stock apps from within iOS… but I have to believe this will open up. The Siri face is absolutely one of the key new features and being able to interact with OF there would be great.


Hi @nicholastrausch,

It is unclear yet whether or not it will be possible for us to have OmniFocus info shown as a part of the new Siri watch face in watchOS 4. One of our testers looked into this a little but was not able to find a conclusive answer. That said, we do have an open feature request on file about this, and I’ll add you to it so the team knows you’d love to see this supported if and when possible.


Thanks for the update! Hopefully this one comes along in the future.

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Please add me to this. I’ve been beta testing the Siri face and would love to have OmniFocus pop up in there too.

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I’m also keen for this otherwise the Siri face will be useless. I imagine it depends on Apple opening the algorithm to more kinds of apps though reminders should be something it already understands. If you can update us we’d be much obliged. With thanks, Gavin

Count me in, this would be super useful!

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I just tried customizing the Siri watch face and there is very little value to be had there. I can replace Siri (ironically) top left and change what’s top right. But these are small areas. I can’t replace either of the two bigger panels.

So at this point the Siri watch face isn’t much use.

I would so love to replace the Stocks (bottom) panel with something from Omnifocus.

But this appears to me to be Apple’s problem, not Omni Group’s.

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While you can’t replace it with OmniFocus (yet?), in the Watch app on your phone inside the Siri face you can toggle what you want to see - stocks are useless to me so I’ve turned them off :)

Also, hi Martin! Fancy seeing you here ;)

Hiya Rose! :-)

Who’d’ve thought you could customize the watch from the phone. :-)

Especially before the morning coffee kicks in. :-)

I’ll play with it on the phone and see if I can squeeze enough value out of the Siri watch face. Right now I’m using the Colour face and noting 4 complications is insufficient.

I think it’s still the general consensus that Apple Watch faces aren’t customizable or flexible enough.