OmniFocus for Apple Watch, please

I keep picking up my iPhone to do something and finding an OmniFocus notification that I didn’t see or hear before. So the very first thought I had on hearing of the haptic feedback on the new Apple Watch was OmniFocus notifications.

Doubtlessly there will be some way to elect to get notifications on the watch but if you can do anything more with it too, all the better.


Can’t say I’d support focused time to develop further on this limited-market share idea anywhere reasonably ahead of spending time to fix a multitude of other core issues central to the desktop, iPhone, and iPad apps.

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I think I heard native integration of notifications anyway, development only required if there is a desire to create interactions with the notification.

In any case, I agree with @DrJJWMac that development in this area probably doesn’t make sense, at least not from a priority perspective right now. iOS8 updates, iPad revamp, and evolution of the Mac application, all underpinned by data model development should be of higher focus.


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Resurrecting this with the video, released today, of Todoist’s Apple Watch app. It’s very nice, and I feel like taking a task management system out of the pocket and right to your wrist is exactly the kind of thing that Apple Watch is made for.

I see the concerns above that it’s not a lucrative market, which may or may not be true. In any case, the relative simplicity of Todoist compared to OmniFocus, plus OmniFocus’ lucrativeness on the primary platforms, may prevent OmniFocus from going to new platforms fast, though that’s wholly speculation.

It will come for sure, as @kcase announced on twitter.

The problem for me is:

  • it will become priority
  • it will, again, delay other important updates
  • which will only be available on new version (required)


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What delays are you talking about? I’m new to Omnigroup stuff and interested.

Here is a link related to OmniFocus for Apple Watch. This article has a link to show you a small QuickTime movie of OmniFocus for Apple Watch

You will see the Apple Watch with OmniFocus in the middle of the web page.
Underneath the graphic of the Apple Watch, you will see three buttons. Click on the first button with the grey circle to watch an animated demo of OmniFocus.

A common gripe that is mentioned on the forums is the pace of progress on software development. Omnigroup has to actively develop and support four apps on the Mac (OmniOutliner, OmniFocus, OmniPlan, OmniGraffle). Then they have to also actively develop and support the same apps on the iOS platform. Each software package is being simultaneously developed. But fans of one software package wants their app to take top priority and let the other apps take second priority.

Each one takes their turn at becoming the star of the month. I guess the delay that is being discussed is that if Omnigroup is focused on OmniFocus for Apple Watch, users of the Mac version or the iOS will have to wait longer for features that they’ve been asking for since version 1.0.

For those who find such gadgets important, I appreciate the concept of having a ToDo list on a watch along with a watch and calendar and whatever else. The market is smaller than the other OmniFocus platforms. OTOH, when the market pull is nearly unanimous over even a niche case, and when the potential for that market to spill-over to increased purchases on the other platforms is high, the cry gets rather loud overall.

Those of us who have been taking our due turns at star status with complaints about OF2 are like the lone voices in the forest. Our net output is lower by comparison. And we are often drowned out by those who say, all is just grand as it is. Finally, the potential for improvements we want to spill over to increased purchases on the other platforms is zero.


  • the request for OF on Apple Watch is
    –> small market with nearly unanimous voices
    –> large potential for spill-over to purchases on other platforms
    = clear potential for increased profits
    = we will have it ready tomorrow

  • the request to bring back OF1 features into OF2 on the desktop is
    –> large market with few consenting voices (and possibly many more dissenting voices)
    –> zero potential for spill-over to purchases on other platforms
    = zero or possibly even negative potential for increased profits
    = we will put the idea somewhere on our to do list for whenever we get around to it

I can’t honestly say that I like the realities of the market place, since I am decidedly in the second group. I have never worn a watch since high school (many decades ago), let alone a brand name. This also shows why I would probably never be a good company CEO … I don’t always believe that increasing profit shares should be the primary driving force even for all micro-level decisions in software development forever and always.