OmniFocus for Apple watch wishlist

Below is a wishlist of features I’d like to see added to the OmniFocus Apple watch app.

  1. Would like to see more upcoming tasks (of flagged) on the glance. (See Cultured Codes “Things” app)

  2. When I receive a notification and tap on it to be taken into OmniFocus I would like to be taken into the task list or individual task instead of just the home screen. Too many taps makes me use the app less and less.

  3. Would like to be able to have a custom perspective at all times on the watch. It would be cool to have a bunch of different options for perspectives.

  4. Would like to see more task info such as project, notes, and time specific due date.

  5. Would like to be able to immediately flag a task as it’s created instead of having create the task, go into the inbox, go into the task, flag it, go back to the flagged section. Too many taps.

  6. Would like to be able to mark a location based notification complete.

  7. Would like a task to disappear from the list right away when I mark it complete as happens on the iOS apps.

  8. Would like to be able to change both due and defer dates on the watch.


Good list.

My main item would be — the iOS app shows my calendar events on my forecast. They’re nowhere to bee seen in the Watch app nor in it’s complication. Would love to have those integrated into the complications, at the very least, since there’s only one big complication on my screen.