Omnifocus for ios and for iphone

Hi, I’m new here. I have a question about omnifocus for ios:
When i first purchased omnifocus on my iphone, i bought a pack with two omnifocus, one with a black tick and the other one with a black one. I then found the second one available for download in my ipad. So now I have one omnifocus on ipad and two omnifocuses on the iphone. What is the difference between them on the phone? Should I delete the one with the black tick on the iphone or has it its reason to be?

Delete the one with the white checkmark. It is the old one.

The one with the black checkmark is the new one.


The one with the black mark will be the “Universal” version that can be used on both iPad and iPhone. This will be the one that will be used going forward.

The old iPhone only version will still be supported for compatibility but will not be improved in the future.