Omnifocus for Mac 3.0.1 lost most of my projects today

Hi - looking for guidance.

Opened up Omnifocus for Mac 3.0.1 this morning and most of my projects are missing.

I’ve tried restoring to a version from backups that I can see has all the data I want, but it just fails to restore.

In the meantime I’ve turned off syncing on my iOS device so I can continue to use OmniFocus on there.

Any ideas ?


If you haven’t done so already, make sure you report this to Omni support.

The only thing I can think of is that you’re in a perspective that only shows a limited list of projects

I installed the test version I was using, updated and got the projects… so could have been a glitch or could have been it undid some restriction I had set… don’t know now but I’m happy everything is sorted.


sometimes if you type a search term in, it will filter out anything not matching. I’ve had moments where I accidentally go to the search field and enter text. Then I freak out and quickly look at the search field if I accidentally did type something in.