OmniFocus forecast iOS continuous view like macOS

I’d love a way to see a forecast that isn’t restricted to a single day on iOS ala macOS. I have missed a few tasks that were deferred to a date in the last until they suddenly appeared on due date as a consequence. I love that on macOS I can see past events and future in a single view.


Yes, it’s such a strange limitation. There’s even a very natural place on the screen to tap for that kind of view. While tapping on ”Forecast” on the start screen for OF on the Iphone instead of on a specific day, I would expect the whole forecast to be shown. Don’t forget to send your suggestion to The Omni Group support, so that they know there is yet another user that would like to see this feature. In the meantime, you could create your own perspective for this (if you have the Pro version), but that’s of course not the same.


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