OmniFocus 'forgetting' login and perspectives added to sidebar


I did a complete uninstall of OmniFocus because it kept freezing on me.
Now it forgets my login details to the OmniServer and also perspectives shown in the sidebar.
Any solution to this would be highly appreciated!
(And it’s not a matter of rebooting - I’ve tried that already).



It sounds like the new app doesn’t have permission to read the existing system Keychain item that has your Sync Server credentials.

Please email and our support humans will walk you through repairing the Keychain item, or help diagnose what else might be going wrong.

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Hi Kyle,

Thanks Kyle. I did try that because I had it explained by one of your colleagues when I installed OmniFocus the very first time. However, this time it does not help. Any other suggestions? (I did write an email but haven’t got a reply yet). Once again, thanks!

Kr, Max

Sorry, the Support Humans are in a much better position to help than I am. Hopefully they can get back to you soon!

Thanks! And it WAS a case of deleting the sync items in the keychain and then rebooting. Everything running beautifully! Thanks for your help!!