Omnifocus in the 2020 roadmap - VERY disappointing

Omni Automation for OmniFocus


I don’t have those same usability problems many of you have shared here, but I understand that how one uses an app can be deeply personal. So I appreciate your frustrations. Before you give up hope, though, you should listen to @kcase talking more in depth about the roadmap. One of the key initiatives for 2020 is re-thinking app interface flow and improving/expanding keyboard shortcuts. I was listening in the car, so I can’t point to the start time, but here is the link to the podcast episode:

(There was another discussion similar to this so I posted this in that thread as well. Apologies if you have come across this twice.)


thanks @ipersuade, had not seen that in my podcast queue yet. Will listen to it as soon as I can.
Would be very good to hear if indeed the promised iOS improvements are still on the cards

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I just think we are so so spoilt these days, and probably no matter what any developer comes up with someone will always be critical and think they can do it better, there is never a “great thank you I am now more productive/organised/efficient than I was before thank to your hard work” and that is a shame.

I believe Omni has the right approach in general, but in the modern age you can certainly not please everyone or even close, and it is usually the vocal minority making the noise rather than the silent mainly happy majority, that dominate forums like these.


This. Lots of people are quite happy with “MacBook + iPhone” (I’m one of them), so I don’t fault Omnigroup too much for prioritizing features there.

There’s also a big web alternative that came out this year, so there’s that.

I’m sure they’ll get around to the iPad keyboard support eventually, but from a product perspective it would be much worse if Things offered a vastly better experience on Mac(book) or iPhone.

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I’m sorry, I absolutely disagree with that. Look at Drafts, which is a near-perfect app on the iPad and iPhone, with a ton of power under the hood and a great interface. Greg Pierce is an absolute treasure, and his UX decisions are uncannily good. Or iThoughts, which has room for improvement, but the developers there have certainly prioritized for workflow. In fact, I often find myself laying out projects and decision trees in iThoughts now, and then occasionally copying elements over to OmniFocus as necessary.

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Sorry what do you disagree with? The fact that very few vocal people on the internet are happy with the tools they have? I would think there is overwhelming evidence of that nearly everywhere!

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Interesting. I have never been able to get on with the Drafts UI and general method of working. It just doesn’t work for me. Does that make it bad? No.

Personal productivity-type apps are intensely … personal.


I am agreed with @agambrahma

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