OmniFocus is annoyingly slow [now much improved!]

Compared to many other applications I experience that OF is very slow. Or “Unrepsonsive” is maybe a better word.
It takes up to a second to open and close the views as Projects and subfolders. It’s just not as snappy as it should be!

This is true for all my devices (iPhone 6S, iPad gen 4, MBP Quadcore i7 with SSD and 16 GB RAM). Weirdly enough, it’s quickest on the iPhone.

This is a major concern for me. I get irritated every time I use the application.

And really, why is it so slow? Basically, It’s only a database that presents text (pictures and stuff is not viewable until you click on an action).

OmniGroup, you really have to do something about this. I love the app in many other ways, but this makes me look at other solutions.


No delays here. Something seems to wrong with your database.

Thanks for the answer!

Are you shure? No delays at all, snappy as in ‘instant’?

I was in contact with OF about this some years ago, and have rebuilt the database some times since then, to no avail.

My experience is very much like this:

Ok, maybe not snappy as in ’instant’, but certainly not a second in delay. Or, in other words, snappy enough not to make me think about it. You could of course create a new, empty database (while keeping your complete database and going back to that one afterwards) to see if Omnifocus is slow from the beginning, or if it’s your data that makes it slow.

Pictures actually can be visible at all times when their notes are expanded, but I assume you’re not doing that. (Though the app still has to run through all the tasks in the perspective to figure out which notes are expanded or not. Even if tasks aren’t visible, it has to calculate their layout to determine the appropriate size for scrolling.)

Most of the time spent switching between perspective goes into measuring text metrics to lay out the view. Does the app get faster if you switch from the Fluid layout (which dynamically determines field sizes) to the Custom Columns layout?

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Followup to this:
Since a couple of days ago OF is much snappier. I don’t know which of the updates that did this, but something definitely have happened, and I noticed it yesterday!

Changing between some perspectives is still not “instant” but much better than before.

Thanks for all input.