Omnifocus Menu Enable (Freigabe) dont't work

I have the problem that in OF the command Enable (Freigabe) don’t work.
I see Mail or News and so on.
When I use this nothing works.
Same problem om iMac Mac OS X 10.11.4 and MBP. Mac OS X 10.11.2
I think that it isn’t a problem of OF.
It don’t work with TextEdit and Preview.
I search in www but don’t find a solution.

Can someone help me?
Or have someone a tip where must I show in OS X.



Hi Jochen! I’m sorry for the trouble.

Could you post some screenshots showing the menu command you’re trying to use? Seeing it in OmniFocus (as well as Mail, or one of the other apps you mentioned) might help us find a solution for you. Thanks!

Hello teki

Thanks for feedback.
Hope You are willing to find a solution.
Attached are three screenshots from iMac.
In Finder, TextEdit, OmniFocus there are the same problem.
Nothing works when I use Freigeben or Bereitstellen in the apps.
Also nothing when I use Notizen or other services.
Same situation on MBP.
Both with Mac OS X 10.11.4.

The workflow is decribed (German) on


Thanks for the images! Is it just Mail that doesn’t work as a destination? What happens if you pick another item (like Messages or Notes)?


As I wrote:
Also nothing when I use Notizen or other services.

It mean when I use Notizen nothing happens.
a) The app Notizen don’t start.

It mean when I use Zu Aperture hinzufügen nothing happens.
b) The app Aperture don’t start.

When I use in TextEdit mark a word and use right mouse click nothing happens.
Then I cannot quit TextEdit with cmd+q or via menu.

I must use Programme beenden.
See screenshot


Today I have start my MBP with fresh OS X 10.11.2 from an external HD.

In TextEdit I mark some text and use Bereitstellen > Notizen or Erinnerung.
Notizen start and text is inside.
Erinnerungen start and text is inside.

This work well.


Thanks for following up, Jochen. I think you were right in your original post: I don’t believe this is a problem with OmniFocus, but rather an issue with OS X. I’m glad you were able to resolve it with a clean install of OS X!

Hello teki

I was sure that the problem isn’t OF.
I’m in contact with a German expert.
He found something with using Console and Terminal.

Hope he found a solution.


Hi Jochen & all

I have same problem. Even more, sharing work fine for Things or other programs, not OF2.

Any ideas why?


Radu Pârvu

I saw later that I had this problem with other applications.
I have install the OS X again and then it works.


Thanks for reply.

Reinstalling OS X is not an option for me.

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