OmniFocus not showing up in notification center

Hi, I’m really new to OmniFocus and just installed the trial version today.

I have a problem with the mac app that somehow OmniFocus is not showing up in the notification center in Mac OS X Mavericks. I have 5 tasks due soon and one overdue so the icon in the dock also has a Badge indicating 6. In the preferences I set that reminders should show up as notifications and my system preferences are also set correctly for OmniFocus notifications but still I dont see anything.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

Hi there! Welcome to OmniFocus.

Before we dig in to troubleshooting, I just want to clarify what you expect. OmniFocus should post a notification to the system Notification Center when a task becomes overdue or due soon, rather than just when it is overdue or due soon. For example, if I have a task due Monday at 9am, I would expect to see a notification Saturday at 9am when the task becomes due soon, and another on Monday at 9am when it rolls over to overdue.

Does that match what you think should happen? What’s more, does it match what your copy of OmniFocus is doing?

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Thank you for your answer.

I think I slightly misunderstood the functionality. I just compared it with the apple reminder app. There all tasks that are due soon are displayed in the notification center. Also the preference menu of OmniFocus led me to this understanding because badge and notifications are checkboxes for the same option. So I thought when I have a Badge showing 6 than the notification center should also show six.

I guess then its all working correctly. Thanks again.