OmniFocus note Text Field -- Default System Font doesn't italicize or bold

Not sure whether this is a bug or whether I have my configurations messed up, but when editing text in the note section of a task, using the CMD+B shortcut (or the menu option) doesn’t embolden the text. Using CMD+T to show the font, I can see that the default text is using the System Font (Default) but when I do CMD+B on the text, it switches the font to Times.

This is such a frustrating user experience because I have to do CMD+B (which switches the text font to Times) and then I have to do CMD+B again to make the text bold. Same thing if I want to italicize a portion of the text. And since I usually italicize or bold only a certain word within a sentence, it throws off the spacing of the text and makes the text look awkward with half System Font, half Times bold/italic font.

Anyone else have this issue? or a workaround? Seems like you can’t actually set a different default for the omnifocus font. Any help would be massively appreciated.

P.S. I should mention that I verified that the apple notes app also uses the System Font, and italicizing and bold’ing the text works perfectly fine on that app.

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The OmniFocus behavior you are describing is consistent with our systems as well. Notes look Times New Roman Ugly when formatting is applied and we have to use the the awkward double-action that you describe.


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