Omnifocus on WatchOS 7


Is anyone else finding that the WatchOS complications are blank in Watch OS 7 beta?

The watch app seems to work fine but the counters don’t show on watch faces. Im showing a custom perspective so am not sure if it is specific to that or not.

And - yes - I do know its beta ! Just wanted to check if it was just me and / or warn others who may nort have made the switch yet.

Are you on the developer beta or the public beta? I’m a bit hesitant to move my watch to the public beta (even though I really want to… :-))
How’s your experience with it?

I’m on public beta.

I general, everything seems fairly stable from a core WatchOS perspective. Most (basic) apps also seem to work fine.

The only issues thus far have been this one with OmniFocus and a similar one with Things 3 (I have been considering my annual flip/flop between the two again!) …

For beta, it seems fairly decent thus far but its still early days. If you can hold on and don’t need sleep tracking, hand washing … but do need OF on there… it might be best to wait until the third party Devs have chance to get their Apps updated.

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