Omnifocus Projects as folders/tags for email and files

Has anyone found a way to automatically create folders or hierarchical tags on my Mac and in Apple Mail for each project in OmniFocus? Also, keep them in sync if I rename or move it in either place?

This would be a killer feature for OmniGroup to implement. The OmniFocus project structure being used for email and file organization would reduce the friction with managing both. Also, it could provide interesting views into projects with relevant files and emails in context.

Hmm, I’ll bet that you could do something like that with Applescript currently (and with the javascript stuff coming in OF3, it’s probably possible too).

But I’m curious about how you’d use something like that. I try to keep email and files (which I consider to be reference material) separate from OmniFocus. My project structure, while bearing some similarity to my file/email folder structure, isn’t the same…