OmniFocus–Reminders sync


I would like to sync OmniFocus with Tomatoes through Reminders app (while there is no better integration exists). I have found following applescripts (of2reminders, of2reminders-batch, of2reminders-sync) at, but when I started the main script, I have got the error: error “Can’t make “omnifocus:///task/c5eV2YZGPSX” into type rich text.” number -1700 from “omnifocus:///task/c5eV2YZGPSX” to «class OSrt»

Does it have someone already corrected for OF2?


Just found this & was trying to get it to work myself.

Change the line to say text instead of rich text and it will work fine:

set taskProps to {taskList:theContext as string, taskName:the name of theTask, taskStart:defer date of theTask, taskDue:the due date of theTask, taskID:"omnifocus:///task/" & the id of theTask as text}
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