OmniFocus Reporting

Hi folks!

I’ve found some older posts about this, but want to make sure I’m looking at current/still compatible solutions, so hoping for help and advice.

I’d like to create a PDF report based on my OF project lists to share with my boss. Not for collaboration, just to show. Ideally, I’d like to be able to style the text of the output, too. Because branding.

I’d keep the list pretty simple - project names, types, and states grouped by folder. The intent is to demonstrate just the areas/deliverable I have in hand.

Any suggestions? I’d be open to Workflows or Applescript solutions, or anything that anyone might have found successful.

Appreciate any ideas!



I am interested in this too and would be interested in collaborating/testing some work flows.

I only use omnifocus on IOS (IPAD PRO/IPHONE)

Actually, I completely forgot that I had been doing some work in OmniOutliner in the past, and can probably reuse this thread’s ideas to have OO make and style the report, then export to PDF.

And thanks again to @unlocked2412. 😁



I would suggest AppleScript would be the best solution to this, on iOS you might have to do a lot of copy/paste and/or sharing which would be inefficient (though that will change once we get OmniJS!).

I did some digging because I knew I remembered seeing some AppleScripts which you could use as a base:

I hope these give you a good starting point!


You’re welcome, Scotty.

I’m really intrigued about OmniJS and cross-platform automation. Perhaps, new reporting workflows become possible. Would like to experiment with it…


Has anyone worked on this at all? I checked out the links that Rosemarie suggested. I am moving away from Evernote so that’s not really an option.

I think the Shortcuts actions coming in OF 3.4 along with Shortcuts automation (scheduling) could likely accomplish some neat things.

I might hunk about this and see if there is something I could come up with building.


Take a look at this. I switch from Omnifocus to Things 3 awhile ago and had the same need so I developed a report in AppleScript. Since OF also supports AppleScript, you should be able to adapt my report for Omnifocus.

I just wrote an omnifocus plugin, which can generate weekly report in markdown format and email it.
checkout in omnifocus-weekly-report