OmniFocus Scripts Repository?

Hi folks,

I was just wondering if there is a site that lists some or most of the bestest OmniFocus scripts that are out there? I’m sure there are plenty of very awesome people who have written great stuff for OmniFocus. The problem is, they are scattered all over the Internet and their solution varies greatly, so searching isn’t an option. Would love to have something like this. Maybe we can even collect stuff in this forum?



I don’t think there is one. Nice idea @Zettt ;)
So far, only place I know similar to this is Kourosh Dini’s resources page. I’m sending the Omni guys an email with your idea ;)

Hey! We’re planning a pretty major revamp for our Inside OmniFocus AppleScript page.

Stay tuned! (And send your Found AppleScripts to us!)


Derek, that sounds really cool. I’ll send you guys my Day Projects script which I use once a week.

Nice @derekr. Well, I’ve been sending some already. Will just continue doing so ;)

@derekr: What’s the current status of this. You wrote you’re going to revamp the AppleScript page. I’d have two things to share with you. Is it okay to send an email to you?

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Most definitely @Zettt!

The changes to the page are admittedly at a standstill—a few too many irons in the fire.