OmniFocus stops synchronizing with Mac Calendar app

Anyone else having this problem? I can’t get OmniFocus events to show up in the Calendar app.

Me too. The Calendar sync triggered once and I confirmed the ‘access my calendar’. Then nothing showed. I’ve been looking for the settings ever since.

+1 Bug fix.

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Same here. I got due tasks to show up in Calendar when I first installed OF 2. After a day, I was prompted for my username/password again. I entered them then the Due Tasks calendar vanished.

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I had a different, but similar issue: The OmniFocus calendar did show up on my Mac, but did not on my iOS devices. So I tried something that had helped me in the past to troubleshoot those issues:

I deleted the old cal and created a new one using OF 2’s prefs. I renamed the calendar’s title (not the file name) and clicked ‘subscribe’.

On the iOS devices I had to re-enter my OmniSync credentials to subscribe to the new calendar. To do that, you have to wait until the input field pops up automaticly. If you don’t want to wait, just reboot your iOS device, then the input field for the calendar subscription pops up immediately after launch.

Now all is fine. Syncs smoothly. Better than ever.

Thomas, tried your solution with no luck. Guess I’ll have to wait to hear from OmniGroup for a solution to the problem.

I have the same problem. I have sent Support an email and will post here if I receive a response. If other people have found a solution, please post it here! I tried Thomas’s solution but it didn’t work for me. Thanks!

We’ve gotten a few reports of problems like this - our working theory is that something gets stuck in iCloud Keychain. We’ve seen a few cases where a customer can use a web browser to log into their Omni Sync Server account with a brand-new password, but pasting that same password into Calendar doesn’t work.

If anyone else is seeing something like this, just contact us at and we’ll be happy to troubleshoot.

Thanks for writing. I gather from your response that there’s no simple solution yet, but I’m pleased you are aware of the problem and thank you for your response. Even before you wrote, I sent an email to Omni support with details of my problem (and screen shots), so I’m hoping to hear back soon. Thanks.

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My issue was that the subscription worked on macOS, but not on iOS.

I turned off subscriptions on both devices. I then deleted everything in iCloud Keychain that turned up with the keyword “omni.”

After that I was able to turn on the subscription on both devices.

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