Omnifocus Sync Issues

Hey guys,

Recently switched to Omnifocus around a month ago from Things 3.

I love everything about it; however I’m having horrendous sync issues to the point of me going back to Things on my iOS devices.

I use an iMac for the bulk of Omnifocus actions, and an iPad & iPhone to view and capture.

If I add something in on one of these three devices, it doesn’t sync to the other until I manually sync it on the given device. These means say I open up my Mac to sort my Inbox, only to find it empty, none of the tasks I’ve added from my phone will sync until I manually sync them in Omni’s settings.

All devices are running the last iOS/Mac OS software, as well as the latest Omnifocus. All are signed in to the same iCloud, but I’m using Omni’s servers to sync (which is the issues I believe).

Has anyone faced any similar problems or can help me out?

Thank you.

Welcome, AurturoJane!

What you’re experiencing is unusual; it doesn’t normally happen.

What do your logs show at Preferences > Sync > Log?

Any errors?

Are you sure that the OmniSync server (not the same as Apple’s iCloud) authentication details are correct?

And you do have OF set to synch automatically?

If a little more investigation with settings and possible errors revealed in the logs, you can depend on Omni’s excellent tech support to help you troubleshoot.

Good luck - and do report back here with any progress (or lack of it) which you make :-) .

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