OmniFocus sync missing one item

I use OF on 3 different Macs plus my iPhone. Yesterday I noticed one action in my inbox wasn’t syncing properly across my different devices. I thought I’d give it a day, but the problem persists.

What started the problem: I changed the description of the action on my office Mac and gave it a project and context, which removed it from the inbox there, as expected.

But after syncing my different devices, the status is now as follows:

  • On my office Mac and iPhone the action is available with the new description, filed under the correct project/context.
  • On my home Mac the action is visible in my inbox, but with the old description and without project and context.

This worries me, because I trust OmniFocus to never lose or distort any data.

I would be glad to hand over my different databases or any data that will help find the origin of this problem.

Hi @richardk! I’m sorry for the inconsistency. We certainly understand the need for OmniFocus to be a trusted system.

I’d recommend you get in touch with our support team. They can provide detailed guidance for getting your data back in sync, as well as request specific information to help track this problem down.