Omnifocus Task Can Kick Off Workflow Workflow Using Note

It’s all very well being able to keep track of tasks in Omnifocus but how about Automation?

I use Workflow for choreographing complex things on iOS - both on my iPad Pro and my iPhone.

If you paste a URL of the following form into the Note field of a task you can subsequently kick off the Workflow (ahem) Workflow:


This one kicks off a workflow called “Untitled Workflow 1” and obviously the spaces in the name had to be encoded.

My sample workflow in fact creates a task with pasted into the note (which is a live link) …

… In principle your Task’s URL could kick off a workflow that created another task with a workflow URL in ITS Note field. :-)


Indeed! You can also trigger a Workflow from the Share function on a task, which will also give you the task itself in Taskpaper format as input that you could parse/manipulate (if you’re smarter with Regex than I am).

Good times!


Thanks for that, @deturbulence.

I’m probably NOT smarter at Regex than you are… :-)

lol all you would need is greater than zero. And Google. Actually, that probably puts us at parity haha.

just wanted to clarify, if by that you mean opening a note field and then pressing the link in the notes?
or do you mean that you can trigger url from the notes field on completion as e.g. Due does?

I mean by clicking on the link in OF you open the URL. This being a Workflow URL it kicks off an actual Workflow flow.