OmniFocus URL scheme question

Trying to use the new URL scheme in OmniFocus. I can get Workflow for iOS to create a task and populate it with all the detail I need (Project, context, due date etc). It’s great but I cannot see how to automatically save the new item.

The task is ready to go with everything in it but I still have to click the ‘Save’ button. Is this right? Is there a way to get it to just save it for you?

Any help appreciated.

Unfortunately it’s not currently possible to skip the “Save” dialog when generating a new task via the URL scheme.

@kcase confirms this limitation here in this thread. Basically there’s a concern that the feature could be abused either mistakenly or maliciously. But they seem open to solving that by authenticating the URL somehow. I’d email Omni and let them know you’re interested in such a feature:

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Thanks for the reply. Read the post and makes sense think I’ll drop the team an email as you suggest!