OmniFocus Watch update for potential upcoming LTE Apple Watches

With Apple potentially coming out with LTE versions of the Apple Watch I can see some potential changes being needed with OmniFocus on the watch.

  • While I don’t personally see the need for ones entire OF database on the wrist, I’d like to be able to choose a handful perspectives to permanently stay on the watch app if I decide to not bring my phone along. Perspectives like errands, around the house ect… These would have to of course sync through LTE with your other devices.

  • I’d like to see the ability for some sort of editibility on the watch. Cultured Code Things app on Apple Watch allows for notes, updating notes, deferring to tomorrow and capturing to inbox/moving to “Today”. It’s not perfect but it’s nice to be able to defer an errand to tomorrow if your out and about.

Anyone else have any changes they’d like to see in this regard?

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I concur. T3 on the watch is useful in that way, as is 2Do’s watch app. I love OF2 on the wrist but it could be improved in this way-and I’m sure it will.

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Having the option to keep some perspectives always on the watch would be very useful, I agree (errand would be a top pick for this).

I also always thought that using your voice with the Watch is a cool thing. Right now I am using a custom Workflow to save a voice memo to my OF inbox, but it would be nice to have some kind of native dictation feature in the Watch app.

Are you referring to dictation to create a new task?

Yes. Unless the feature is already there and I’ve missed it all this time :P

Yes, they do currently have this. Force touch in the watch app and you’ll see this icon…

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I’m not sure if 3rd party developers can access the “scribble” feature but this feature would be nice when you need to capture a task on the go but don’t want to dictate in public. I use the scribble feature in the messages app all the time.


you can also dictate to Siri to create a new task in Reminders, then OmniFocus will pull it in. I’ve found this is the fastest way to create a task into OF.

@anon26058566 you can have a specialised perspective for ‘errands’ or for that matter any perspective with a custom setting.

@revstu Ok, but how can you always keep that perspective visible on the watch? By default, I can only see flagged and inbox, in addition to past, today and soon events.

@davidc Thanks! You never stop learning ;)

The watch app has the ability to show the current screen on the iPhone. If you leave your ‘grocery’ Perspective open on iphone the same view appears on watch app. That way i can see exactly what is required by simply lifting my wrist.

Got it, good to know. It would still be nice to choose perspectives to permanently have on the watch rather than switching it from the phone all the time (at that point I’d just look at stuff on the phone).

you can set ‘groceries’ or any perspective as a ‘permanent’ on screen option. The downside to that is you end up with ‘groceries’ as your selected choice when you don’t need it to be. So I prefer the simple method of selecting ‘groceries’ on the iPhone before I enter the store.
To set any perspective ‘permanently’ go to OF2 settings-Today & Watch- make selection!

I have just started working with my Apple Watch 3 having “Siri remind me” added to the inbox is awesome. The next step would to be directly add to omnifocus and specific project. Siri save In omnifocus “… “ would be perfect. I have to be careful not to spend too much time playing with these fun tools.

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I believe they had this ready for launch but pulled it because it wasn’t functioning correctly. You can do it on iPhone. I believe they are working on a fix for this for Apple Watch.

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