OmniFocus2 OmniSync server issues

Had some issues trying to get an existing Omni Sync Server account to work with OmniFocus 2. I originally created an Omni Sync Server account in 2012, with a username with both upper and lower case letters. This was rejected by OmniFocus 2’s Omni Sync Server. By experimenting, I discovered that all lower case worked. I tried to set up Syncing in OmniFocus 2. I followed the instructions to select a File menu command to replace the existing database on Omni Sync Server, which is what I wanted. After getting a spinning wheel for over 15 minutes, I Force Quit OmniFocus 2. I tried again, but the File menu commands were greyed out, so I was forced to use the old Omni Sync Server database. This wiped out the getting started info in the OmniFocus 2 inbox. I’d like to get it back. Suggestions? Yes, I know I can go to the Help menu for some of the same info, but it would be more convenient for me to have it in my OmniFocus 2 inbox. Suggestions?